about  hii~ i'm tiff! i'm twenty-two, i use she/her pronouns, and i'm white. i'm bisexual, a leo, an isfj-t, and neurodivergent (adhd).  i love  ♡ HOYOUNG ♡, my friends, going to concerts, sanrio, chai lattes, my cat, making crds, animal crossing, the sims  i hate  orcas, being hot, rude ppl, bugs, drama, coffee + tea


 before you follow  i mainly talk about verivery cravity and kingdom, i have adhd & fixate on my ults, i spam a lot, i like to interact on the tl, i talk about groups/idols i dislike openly, pls don't call me a bitch even as a joke

 don't follow if  you fit the basic criteria, anti my faves, under 17, army stay or engene, support kwj jae seungri omg ravn lucas kris wu or enhypen sunoo is fine (none of this applies if i follow first)

stan list

 ults  verivery hoyoung cravity woobin kingdom seungbo yunho p1h jiung zb1 matthew jiwoong

 semi-ults  blitzers jinhwa tbz jacob sangyeon monsta x changkyun golcha joochan nu'est aron twice sana ateez wooyoung day6 youngk svt seokmin wayv ten

 regulars  txt taehyun infinite woohyun astro rocky onlyoneof mill sf9 jaeyoon omega x jaehan shinee onew itzy yeji gidle miyeon oneus keonhee road-b day boys planet seunghwan keita junhyeon seungeon wumuti